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Parktool freewheel remover fr 1 2
  • Parktool freewheel remover fr 1 2

Parktool Cassetteafnemer FR-1.3

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The FR-1.2 is designed to remove 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-speed freewheels made by Shimano®, Sun Race®, DNP®, Sachs®, etc. Thin wall construction allows the tool to fit the freewheel’s 12 splines without removal of the hub cones and locknuts. 1" base fits wrench or bench vise. Made from heat-treated alloy steel.

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Parktool Cassetteafnemer FR-1.3

The FR-1.2 is designed to install and remove freewheels on older wheels which accept thread-on freewheels instead of cassettes. This updated design has been made longer than the original FR-1, and is compatible with Shimano®, Sachs Aris®, DNP®, and Sun Race®, and fits an even greater number of freewheel designs.

The thin wall construction means that the removal of cones and locknuts is not necessary for freewheel removal, and the heat treated tool steel is extremely durable. This tool has a one inch base for use with a wrench or bench vise.

Note: This tool is designed to remove thread-on freewheels. It is not to be confused the FR-5 tool which is designed to remove cassette lockrings from freehub bodies.

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